Thinking Thinner: Sceptre Ultra-Thin Full HD Monitors


As advancements in technology make their debut seemingly as quickly as the speed of light, one fundamental trend remains relevant in today’s newest TV– ultra-thin screen.  We have found that this design style embodies a classier appearance but is also more conducive to our practical needs as well.  Due to lightweight, they are easy to transport. The thin frame itself makes them an ideal candidate for wall-mounting and the limited width space of most entertainment centers.  This instantly popular design can carve outs its place with monitors as well.

Enter the Sceptre 22” E225W-1920R and the 24” E248W-1920R Ultra-Thin Full HD monitors.

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IBP 2016 Summer Invite Live!!!

Whether you are a professional competitor, recreational gamer, or just an enthusiastic spectator, there was plenty of action at the IBP Summer 2016 Invite.  Get a glimpse of all the rivalry, autographs, and prizes here!

Victory, Defeat, and Don’t Forget… Prizes: The IBP Summer 2016 Invite


The IBP Summer 2016 Invite was an exhilarating affair, packed with two days-worth of nail biting virtual combat, generous raffles, and famous spectators.  Both players and spectators alike won big during this event as record-building victories, impressive cash winnings, free game play on over 100 gaming systems, and coveted electronics prizes were all on the table. 

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Sceptre Gets in on All the Gaming at the iBUYPOWER Summer 2016 Invitational


The IBP 2016 Summer Invitational was a smashing success!!!

Thank you all who stopped by and played at Sceptre’s booth .  Sceptre was immensely proud to be a contributor to the event and is glad that so many participated.

To those of you who participated in our IBP and Sceptre raffles, we would like to humbly thank you for your support.

For all those who wish to participate in the gaming and raffles again, stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming IBP Finals!


#SceptreRelays Sweepstakes

Congratulations to Nancy Neel! You are the winner of #SceptreRelays Sweepstakes and the owner of a brand new Sceptre Purple 32″ LED HDTV.

Sceptre was a proud sponsor of the city of Walnut’s Relay for Life. Thank you to everyone who donated and supported the cause.


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