History of Sceptre


Whether we look back, forward or right in front of us, we can see Sceptre taking a leadership role in the consumer electronics industry.  Over the course of 30 years, customers have continually sung its praises when it comes to sterling results that stand the formidable test of time. Long-time Sceptre followers recall how the picture on their first Sceptre monitor looked crystal clear the first day they turned it on and how the same pristine quality is still present to this day.  This is the reason millions have returned to Sceptre for its displays- the lasting quality for affordable prices.  When we take account of Sceptre’s history, it is easy to understand why customers continue to swear by this brand.


Found in 1984, Sceptre began its roots in CRT monitors. The company quickly earned a strongreputation for its innovative and reliable monitors, beating out competitors in sales.  In the early 90’s the internet revolutionized the way people communicated and monitors gradually became more affordable for each household to acquire. So in 1993 when Sceptre introduced its first LCD display, it was well received in the U.S. as well as Canada.  Throughout the 90s and turn of the century, Sceptre LCD monitors and notebooks secured spots on top ten lists year after year, as is evidenced by Sceptre’s triumph over competitors to win Mobile Computing’s 1st Class Award of 1998.  Sceptre did not have to wait long for more accolades to follow, its SoundX 5200 notebook claimed the number 4 spot on PC World’s Top 15 Notebook PCs of the Year the following year.


It is telling that Sceptre entered the next millennium with the creation of its first television display in 2000, a symbolic notion that indicated that the company was bold enough to explore unknown territory in a bid to mirror its past success. The transition period was not really difficult from an engineering standpoint.  Sceptre’s masterful experience in designing monitors gave it the right tools to potentially create a remarkable TV.  The real risk was embodied by the uncertainty of how the consumers would respond – if they would buy the new line of products. The leap paid off, and it was not long before Sceptre’s TVs were selling better than its monitors.   Our loyal customers had looked to history, their rewarding experience with Sceptre monitors, and determined that they would continue to put their trust in the company.  As Sceptre’s current track record can attest, the investment continues to pay off.




Sceptre designs displays and audio products that fulfill the consumer’s most essential demands – high resolution, connectivity to streaming technology, and color customization. Sceptre maintains an unbeatable formula in its inventory by maintaining customer favorites.  Since the widespread release of 1080P in 2012, it continues to be the most popular amongst resolutions that are currently available.  Whether you are watching the NCAA playoffs or viewing your newest Blu-Ray movie, 1080P delivers crisp life-like images.

Connectivity possibilities also rank high on Sceptre’s list of strengths.  Smartphones, tablets, media players, streaming sticks.  HDMI and MHL make it possible to connect your devices and these inputs can be found on all of Sceptre’s current displays.

One of the qualities that makes Sceptre stand out from all the rest is its exploration of color design.  It is rare to see a TV frame that comes in any other than black or silver, so having the choice of choosing between blue, gold, gun metal, pink, purple, red and white TV makes for refreshing options, as proven by customer response.



Sceptre has one foot in the present and another in the future.  4k has already began to show us that picture and video quality exceeds the expectations of our imaginations, and its journey is just beginning.  To acknowledge this promising trend, Sceptre has confidently produced an impressive line-up of 4k models. These displays bring the best out of earlier picture resolutions, thanks to UHD upscaling, and prepare you for what is to come with the HDMI 2 and HDCP 2.2 that is required to play all current 4k video and all the 4k video that looms on the horizon.  Better still, MEMC 120Hz refresh rate ensures that all chases, kicks, jumps, and punches flow as smoothly as possible when watching these prized action sequences on your Blu-Ray videos and will make sure they that all the videos you watch in future will up to this standard.  This is best of both worlds:  technology that improves all present content with the ability to still push the limits of display functionality in the future.  So whether you recall the displays of yesterday, are enjoying the one that currently sits before you in your home, or are looking forward to getting your hands on the best and the brightest that have yet to come out, Sceptre is there every step of the way.

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