What the heck is MHL?

MHL stands for Mobile High Definition Link and it is a mobile audio/video interface which allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet to an HD displays and audio receivers.  The function shares a port with HDMI (usually HDMI 2 or HDMI 3 ports) on the display.  Using an HDMI cable that has one modified connector, the HD display will then mirror all activity that is performed on the connected device. This function works similarly to connecting your laptop to an HDTV utilizing a VGA or HDMI port.

WebWhy use MHL?

MHL is probably one of the most underrated functionalities of the smartphone. Our smartphones are so powerful these days that by pairing it with a big screen, you amplify the capabilities of both electronics. If you download a video on your phone or tablet and do not have a laptop, the easiest and most direct way to get it onto your flat screen TV is by using MHL. Just as easily, you can project your games and apps, including Netflix, onto a bigger screen.  For those who are constantly gaming on smartphones, MHL enhances your gaming experience and provides relief for the eyes. The possibilities are endless. Instead of taking a bulky and heavy laptop to a meeting, you can just bring your tablet or phone and project your presentation utilizing MHL. Similarly, photophiles can enjoy displaying their videos and pictures for everyone in the room to easily see made possible by the larger screen.  While your phone or tablet is connected via MHL, you can relish all of the fun described above and your device is still being charged in the process.


MHL’s history is a story forged in diversity and practically universal acknowledgment of its benefits to consumers.  These themes were true from the beginning as is evidenced by the collaboration of industry competitors – Nokia, Samsung, Silicon Image, Sony, and Toshiba – to bring MHL into existence.

What cable do I need again?

The adapter cables differ in design and how many connectors it may have, but MHL adaptor cables will always have at least three connectors- one for HDMI, one for USB, and one for micro USB.  The cable will have an HDMI connector on one end that plugs into an HDMI port and a micro USB connector on the other end to plug into a smartphone or tablet.

WebInstead of purchasing a pricey smart TV or media player, all you need is the MHL cable and you are ready to go.

Perhaps most importantly, the transition from television broadcasting to online streaming is underway and MHL provides a simple and affordable solution to jump onboard to this trend.

Click HERE to read about HDMI 2.0

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