HDCP: What is it Good for?

M ost of us have been using High-Definition Media Interface (HDMI) for quite some time and have no choice but to love it – come on, high-definition video and audio sent and received through the same cable.  As if that perk is not enough, it is also digital.  However, as we enter the era of HDMI’s newest version – 2.0 – we have to acknowledge that HDMI is not alone.  To watch any 4k content, High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP 2.2) must also be on the device.  Though HDCP has been coupled with HDMI for over ten years, HDCP 2.2 is specifically assigned to HDMI 2.0 for the purpose of creating “a secure connection between a source and a display via a digital handshake” (Kindig)

Think of HDMI as a gated community and HDCP as the gatekeeper.  Nothing is getting in or out of that community without the gatekeeper’s permission.  The reason that these two features have been bound together so tightly is simple – entertainment companies want to prevent individuals from copying video and audio content and then selling it for 100% profit.  To that end, HDCP 2.2 “prevents non-licensed devices from receiving content” according to Wikipedia.  Secondly, you can watch all the 4k content you want as long as it is not pirated material.  So you have one job, and one job only when purchasing a new 4k TV – make sure that it is equipped with both HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2.  At Sceptre, we do the job for you as all our 4k displays are equipped with both of them.


Kindig, Steve.   HDCP 2.2 copy protection and 4K Ultra HD TV:  What you need to know if you’re buying a TV or home theater receiver.  Retrieved from http://www.crutchfield.com/S-QI9xqNKxqXQ/learn/what-you-need-to-know-about-hdcp-2-2.html

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