Now Available in Full HD- Sceptre’s 24″ TV Series

S ceptre releases two new 24” HDTVs- E246BV-FMQC and E246BD-FMQC. 720P resolution is normally a mainstay on HD TVs. As far as most manufacturers were concerned, most 20 to 30 inch models were used as secondary TVs, and 720P appeared to get the job done. When you turn on these TVs, you find it hard to disagree with them. The mere fact that they have HD at all provides visuals that out perform any analog picture any day. But Sceptre decided to leap a few more steps forward by equipping its E245 24 inch series with Full HD (1080P) resolution, and it has maintained this trend with their newest series – the E246 24 inch series. Of the two new models that have been released, one comes with a convenient built-in DVD player.

A second advancement to consider is the inclusion of MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link). Shared with the HDMI port, MHL makes it possible for all of the content on your smartphone or tablet to be displayed on the larger, LED screen, and now in 1080P! It is customary for this convenient technology to find its way on a 50 inch TV but you would be hard pressed to find it on anything smaller than a 32 inch until now. So if you want to get your share of simplicity at its finest, check out the Sceptre Store and to pick up these items. Keep your eyes open, they will be going on sale during the fall and Holiday seasons.

“Now that customers constantly enjoy an infinite number of feature options on their smartphones, they are no longer satisfied with using fewer features on smaller screens,” says Cathy Chou, Vice President of Operations, Sceptre. “It is now more necessary than ever to make these technologies and applications available on the LED displays, and the first step is to provide Full HD and MHL.” Says Cathy Chou, Vice President of Operations, Sceptre.

The E246 Series is now available at and

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