A Power Sound Bar Joins Sceptre’s Audio Family

The Sceptre SB80-BT Power Soundbar packs a huge punch in a compact, audio device.   The down-firing subwoofer in this speaker is largely responsible for this power.  But this is not the only feature that the SB80-BT has to offer.  A marvel of convenience, it is only 20-inches in length and is equipped with Bluetooth input, 3.5mm Stereo, and Coaxial Digital input.  So control all features and turn up the bass with your smartphone, sound bar remote.  This sound bar delivers a highly desirable balance between modern and traditional connectivity options.  You will be able to casually step into cutting edge technology while still holding onto the standards you have come to depend on.  What could be better?

As the LED TV industry continues to place more and more emphasis on picture quality and larger size, audio has become secondary, but not unimportant.  Often times, individuals need only to adjust the audio settings and will find that their TVs’ speakers more than do the job.  The sound bar functions more as a supplementary tool to provide a vast array of audio options that are not available on the TV. For this reason, the inclusion of a sound bar in the entertainment setup has continued to grow in importance in recent years, and there is no end to this growth in sight.  This is why a compact sound bar like the Sceptre SB80-BT is the perfect companion for your Sceptre LED or UHD TVs.    The compact size of the Sceptre Power Soundbar cannot be understated because most speakers that are connected to or include a subwoofer are unaesthetically pleasing, bulky, and require tons of space that is often unavailable in many entertainment centers.  The SB80-BT solves all of these issues and puts audio on equal footing with the LED’s visuals without demanding what precious little space remains after the TV, and all other connected devices, has been put into place.

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