Sceptre at CES 2016

The Consumer Electronics Show, taking place from January 6-9 2016, brings people from all over the world to lovely Las Vegas.  CES is an exhilarating time for electronic and technology lovers to swoon over the latest and greatest innovations. This year the newest 3D printers, drones, and virtual reality gadgets are not to be missed, but every year TVs always take the main stage.

Many buyers and vendors visited the Sceptre Showroom at Bellagio to check out some of the newest products and what’s coming for 2016! Some of the newest products guests were able to check out in person include the newest Sceptre 4K TVs, Curved TVs,  Soundbars, Bluetooth speakers and 4K monitors.*



4K Monitor McCaron 4K


*Some products are still in development and are not yet available for the public

2 thoughts on “Sceptre at CES 2016

  1. I read all the bad stuff on walmarts site re the Sceptre 43″ 4K TV — but some of the comments did not add up. So I bought it. It is a very good TV much better than the one i replaced. Maybe other TVs are better, there are better cars than mine and better houses. The deal is I like it and it sound good and the Picture is very, very good.

    NCR – Denver CO.


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