Victory, Defeat, and Don’t Forget… Prizes: The IBP Summer 2016 Invite


The IBP Summer 2016 Invite was an exhilarating affair, packed with two days-worth of nail biting virtual combat, generous raffles, and famous spectators.  Both players and spectators alike won big during this event as record-building victories, impressive cash winnings, free game play on over 100 gaming systems, and coveted electronics prizes were all on the table. 

The Teams, Game, and More

Renowned professional teams Cloud 9, Complexity, Echo Fox, Prospects, Selfless, Team Kaliber, Team SoloMid, and WinterFox made up the competition line-up and they squared off against each other in Counter-Strike:  Global Offensive.  Fans  had the opportunity to get autographs from Cloud9 and Selfless on day one and Counter Logic Gaming Red on day two.

The Competition

After fierce competition, Cloud9 managed to prevail over teams Prospects, Selfless, and ultimately SoloMid.  Their win was by no means predictable as the team struggled to find their footing amid inaccurate shooting and disorganized utility.  At the bitter end, Cloud9 came out on top with a 2-0 victory over Team SoloMid, as they had secured over Team Prospects the day before, and will now advance to the finals.

Team Counter Logic

Winnings, Prizes and More Prizes

For coming out on top, Cloud9 took home $16,000 in winnings. Contestants and followers enthusiastically focused their attention on the IBP Giveaway, a total prize package of over $7,000 in which Sceptre also contributed. Gamers and spectators alike fared quite well with several ongoing raffles.  Sceptre 24”and 27” monitors were among the largest prizes, including a 32” state of the art, curved monitor. Sceptre went all out and held its own raffle, with raffle contestants winning Displays, McCarons, and SoundPals.  For those of you who won the McCaron or SoundPal, these Bluetooth portable speakers will come in handy whether you are on the move or in front of your monitor.  Similarly, the Sceptre displays are sure to serve the winners well in their gaming exploits.

What’s Next

The iBUYPOWER Summer Invite will resume in the fall, though no date has been set yet.  Sceptre will post the date once it has been confirmed.

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