Thinking Thinner: Sceptre Ultra-Thin Full HD Monitors


As advancements in technology make their debut seemingly as quickly as the speed of light, one fundamental trend remains relevant in today’s newest TV– ultra-thin screen.  We have found that this design style embodies a classier appearance but is also more conducive to our practical needs as well.  Due to lightweight, they are easy to transport. The thin frame itself makes them an ideal candidate for wall-mounting and the limited width space of most entertainment centers.  This instantly popular design can carve outs its place with monitors as well.

Enter the Sceptre 22” E225W-1920R and the 24” E248W-1920R Ultra-Thin Full HD monitors.   The respective sizes may be different but the modernized ultra-thin framing are the same.  Composed of ultra-thin frame, the slim-bevel is a mere 8 mm wide.  The Halo stand compliments the frame while providing balanced support.  Along with the ultra-thin frames, they are 22” to 24”, making them compact models that find a home in almost any space imaginable.

Below is a close up of the slim-bevel on the E225W-1920R



As equally impressive as the design, is the technology.  The E225W-1920R and E248W-1920R are both equipped with 1080P resolution, one of the leading resolutions on the market today. Similarly, HDMI and VGA inputs are included, so you can connect devices according to your preference.  As Windows has just recently updated to Windows 10, this version and all previous versions, starting from Windows XP, are compatible with these Sceptre monitors.


Pick up the E248W-1920R at Sceptre’s Online Store –

Keep an eye out for the upcoming E225W-1920R!

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