What’s the Deal with Curve: Sceptre Introduces Curved Monitors


With the standard, flat screens that have dominated the TV scene for a decade, one starts to question why a change is in the formula is needed.  Flat screens provide visuals that are light years ahead of their predecessors and only appear to be getting better.  The average viewers can sink their teeth, or more appropriately their eyes, into practically endless color and clarity thanks to features such as 720P, 1080P, MEMC 120Hz, 240Hz, local dimming and all-to-exciting HDR (High-Dynamic-Range). These features have and will continue to make their way to the newest screen format – curved design – but what makes this form better in some areas and weaker in others than the good ol’ flat screen?  Well it all starts with the kind of viewer you happen to be.

Arguably, those who dedicate considerable time to gaming or working will garner the greatest return when using a curved display. This is because the best line of sight is accomplished by sitting front and center of the screen.  The widest field of vision can be perceived from this position, so the curved monitor favors the individual user, if only slightly.

It is not that peeps sitting to the side will have need to complain.  Techies explain that the curving edges of picture provides more depth than the standard flat screen regardless of where a person is seated, at times giving the presentation a 3D feel. They will still be able to view impeccable color and contrast that is only found on curved displays, an advantage that is a result of the light traveling more directly to the eyes.  However, viewers will be able to determine that the clear advantage rests with person who holds the key center position, as the screen appears to envelop this user.  Considering that monitor usage is normally a one-person sport, few will notice this minor difference and all will benefit with the curve.

The Sceptre C325W-1920R Curved LED monitor debuts this month so stop by the Sceptre Store http://sceptre.com/store/ and make it the newest addition to your monitor family.  You will not be disappointed.

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