Gaming with the Best of Both Worlds: How the Xim4 Awesomely Merges the PC and Console Gaming Experience

keybd-vs-controllerIf you have always resented the prominence of controllers over keyboards, then this new adapter is exactly what you have been hoping for.  The Xim4 USB Hub gives you the perfect dose of PC functionality with all the console features that you wish to use.  Gamers have long debated whether the keyboard/mouse combo is easier to operate in comparison to the game console controller.   At this time, the fervor and insistence of both claims have not subsided.  However, the quasi-merger that this piece of hardware creates does essentially have some merits if we are looking at the most simple criteria.  For example, many can attest to the fact that using the keyboard and mouse to aim in a first-person shooter does not require much skill as one can simply  glide the mouse over a target and click a button on your large screen LED display.  Controller advocates cannot really make serious objections to this fact, especially since they are compelled to manipulate two joysticks and multiple buttons to perform the same function.  While you can still connect the keyboard and mouse to both the Xbox One and Playstation 4, many games do not allow you to use them.  This is why most gamers appreciate the Xim4: it enables the keyboard and mouse inputs for all games as long as these devices are compatible with Xim4.  You can confirm this by vistiing the Xim4 website

Regardless of your preference, in which case both are valid, the keyboard and mouse breaks things down in fewer steps, as long as it is configured correctly after the adapter is connected.  That leads us to our next point of contention. Techies have reported that the setup for the Xim4 is a lengthy affair.  Once everything is plugged in, you must venture into Xim4 Manager, a setup menu, and align all the needed keys to buttons on the controller.  The cool thing is that you can access Xim4 Manager on iOS, Android, Mac and of course PC.  This quick start guide will get you started and show you how to program your keyboard and mouse on specific games  In conclusion, getting the Xim4 is definitely worth the initial setup requirements in order to play the way you play best, using the tools that are easiest for you.

Get the most out of your Xim4 by hooking up your Xbox One or PS4 to any one of Sceptre’s LED monitors that are available on the Sceptre Store

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