Conquering the Masters: A Look at the Teams, Battles, and Spectator Prizes at the IBP Masters 2016

immortals-handsSuspense ran deep this past weekend as professional gamers from around the world competed and watched the #IBPMasters at The Hangar in Costa Mesa, California. Rivalry filled the air as eight teams battled and shot it out in a “to-the-death” struggle in Counter Strike. The eight teams included Cloud9, FaZe Clan, Immortals, TyLoo, Echo Fox, FlipSid3 Tactics, Renegades, and Team SoloMid.

Immortals bested Cloud9, with a final of 2-1 in a best of 3 contest.  Cloud9 appeared to be on top in the beginning, by securing five consecutive rounds.  However, Immortals decisively turned the tables on them in the second half, with a 14 to 6 round lead.  Along with their victory, they earned $20,000.  For placing second Cloud9 won $15,000, while 3 to 4 place winners Tyloo and FaZe split $12,500.  These top four teams will proceed to the Intel Extreme Masters XI Oakland.

sceptre-prizeAmid the sensational competition, spectators were engaged in their own battle by participating in a selection of raffles.  Sceptre increased the ante with multiple prizes, the key items being a 40” and 50” 4K UHD displays.  Sceptre was sure to add plenty of audio prizes to the raffle loot, with winners getting their hands on Power sound bars and Bluetooth wireless Sound Pals.  However, the excitement does not end here. Sceptre soon will be holding a subsequent raffle via Twitter so eager participants have a chance of winning autographed T-shirt by Team SoloMid and a Poke Ball power bank signed by Dignitas.   Stay tuned on Twitter for more details on how to participate in this raffle and thanks again for joining us.  We had a blast, and we hope that all participants, winners, and gamers did so as well.autograph-ballautograph-shirt

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