Ringing in the New Year with the Chinese Lantern Festival


Sceptre would like to take the opportunity to thank all attendants and participants who joined us at the Chinese Lantern Festival in El Monte this past weekend. With an estimated attendance at over 10,000 attendees, each competition was a sight to behold, with beautiful lanterns, talented performers, and impressive singers.  The competition was tough but everyone appeared to have a great time.  Not only would we like to congratulate everyone who participated in the contests, but to those who won the prizes as well.  We would also like to give thanks to all who stopped by the Sceptre booth and checked out our 49” and 40” 4K UHD TV, 32” gaming monitors, and Power Bank battery charger.  Please feel free to learn more about them and other Sceptre products at http://www.sceptre/store.



1st – 3rd place winners of the Kids Talent Singing Competition and the Sceptre Singing Competition took home two new beautiful LED TVs. A Sceptre 32” LED TV, Sceptre Power Bank battery charger, Bluetooth Sound Pal and McCaron speakers, and zipper earphones were part of the prize pot for lucky drawing and giveaway winners.  The dancing event was also sponsored by Sceptre with the dance group Natural ST8 performing to a packed house.lantern2017-8This year’s festival was a smashing success, packed with games, prizes, and most importantly, it brought family and friends together to celebrate the New Year.


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