Conquering the Masters: A Look at the Teams, Battles, and Spectator Prizes at the IBP Masters 2016

immortals-handsSuspense ran deep this past weekend as professional gamers from around the world competed and watched the #IBPMasters at The Hangar in Costa Mesa, California. Rivalry filled the air as eight teams battled and shot it out in a “to-the-death” struggle in Counter Strike.

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Gaming with the Best of Both Worlds: How the Xim4 Awesomely Merges the PC and Console Gaming Experience

keybd-vs-controllerIf you have always resented the prominence of controllers over keyboards, then this new adapter is exactly what you have been hoping for.  The Xim4 USB Hub gives you the perfect dose of PC functionality with all the console features that you wish to use.  Gamers have long debated whether the keyboard/mouse combo is easier to operate in comparison to the game console controller.

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Meet the Masters! Watch the Pros at the 2016 iBP Masters

masters-wideWe had so much fun with you all during the Summer invitational, that Sceptre is pleased to announce that we will be joining you again as the fierce competition comes to a head during the Fall Masters event on November 12-13, 2016.  Join us as a battle of wits and carnage is waged between such talented teams as Cloud9, Godsent, Team SoloMid, Renegades, FaZe Clan, Immortals, Echo Fox and TyLoo in order to seize the majority of a $100,000 prize pool.  The stakes will inevitably increase because the top four teams will progress to iEM Oakland from November 19-20, which will offer a stunning $300,000 prize pool.  As the stakes increase, spectators will also have a chance to win a bounty of prizes.  The popularity of the iBP games has only increased in recent years, so much so, that they are now being webcasted and even televised live on prominent networks such as TBS and TNT.  So if you are a passionate gamer and/or spectator, check out the event on the tube, online, or come on down to The Hangar at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, CA for the most immersive experience.  When you buy a weekend or premium ticket for the event you will receive iBP merchandise, access to team signings, not to mention, free entry into a ton of the raffles, Sceptre raffle included.

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