What’s the Deal with Curve: Sceptre Introduces Curved Monitors


With the standard, flat screens that have dominated the TV scene for a decade, one starts to question why a change is in the formula is needed.  Flat screens provide visuals that are light years ahead of their predecessors and only appear to be getting better.  The average viewers can sink their teeth, or more appropriately their eyes, into practically endless color and clarity thanks to features such as 720P, 1080P, MEMC 120Hz, 240Hz, local dimming and all-to-exciting HDR (High-Dynamic-Range). These features have and will continue to make their way to the newest screen format – curved design – but what makes this form better in some areas and weaker in others than the good ol’ flat screen?

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Recap of the 2016 Monterey Park Moon Festival


Thank you to all of you who joined Sceptre at the 2016 Moon Festival in Monterey ParK, CA.  There was an incredible turnout of contestants and spectators alike!  Moon cakes were feasted upon, beer was imbibed, cultures and traditions were shared, and the full moon was a spectacular sight to behold .  Sceptre was honored to deliver prizes such as LED TVs, including a 55” 4K UHD, and our Bluetooth speakers, the Sound Pal and McCaron.  Sceptre’s 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor also made its debut amid all the excitement.  We hope that you all had as much fun as we did!

A Day of Fun, a Night of Beauty: The 2016 Monterey Park Moon Festival


Sceptre is honored to participate and support the 2016 Moon Festival.  Please join us on September 10, 3 – 11 PM and September 11, 3 – 10 PM at Barnes Park: 350 S Mcpherrin Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91754 as we gather to honor the annual traditions and customs of the festival. Events will include beer tasting, food eating contests, tea tasting, over 20 live performances, carnival games, food trucks and much more!  Don’t forget to check out Sceptre’s digital signage, LED TVs, curved monitors, 4k tv’s and many other exciting products.  We hope to see you there! Admission and Parking are free.

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Thinking Thinner: Sceptre Ultra-Thin Full HD Monitors


As advancements in technology make their debut seemingly as quickly as the speed of light, one fundamental trend remains relevant in today’s newest TV– ultra-thin screen.  We have found that this design style embodies a classier appearance but is also more conducive to our practical needs as well.  Due to lightweight, they are easy to transport. The thin frame itself makes them an ideal candidate for wall-mounting and the limited width space of most entertainment centers.  This instantly popular design can carve outs its place with monitors as well.

Enter the Sceptre 22” E225W-1920R and the 24” E248W-1920R Ultra-Thin Full HD monitors.

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IBP 2016 Summer Invite Live!!!

Whether you are a professional competitor, recreational gamer, or just an enthusiastic spectator, there was plenty of action at the IBP Summer 2016 Invite.  Get a glimpse of all the rivalry, autographs, and prizes here!

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